Lunch or Lunchables?; Carnivore Diet...all MEAT all the time; Book Nook; Survey
Dirty Tricks and the 'Dirty Dozen', Unbalanced Misinformation about 'Balancing Hormones', UPF's ( not the same as SPFs), and a Book Recommendation.
Bias, Breaking Research, Belly Pain (is it parasites?), #BuildUPMeetUP Survey & Book Nook
Panic about Erythritol, Podcast Pick, Positions and Pay, Potential Build Up Meet Up, and Pediatric Group

February 2023

Hot Topics: Plant-based, Food Allergies, Diabetes and Hearing Loss, Enteral Nutrition Calculator, Dairy Alternatives Proposed Labels ...and memes!
This week's Hot Topics: Calorie Restriction, Careers, Compensation, Chemistry and some of the week's best memes.
Hot Topics: Eating Disorders, Excessive Shortages, Elections, and an Extraordinary Inventor...and a chance for US residents to win a $10 Starbucks gift…
Hot Topics: Collagen Peptides, a Nutrition Pioneer, Pyramid /MLMs Schemes + a Podcast Pick & Pay Transparency

January 2023

Hot Topics: Scatology,(Oral & TF)Supplements,#Stand4Science, be a Symptom Sleuth & Bonus: Link to Drug/Nutrient Interactions
Catch Up with: The (Food Guide) Pyramid, Poll on Plans, Poo & Perspectives on Fasting
Bogus Testing, (Pediatric) Obesity Treatment, Training & a question of Taste
Buns, Books, Build Up Groups, and Bogus Credentials and more